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Hannah Bisset, September 29 2020

How To Take The Perfect Photo - Part 2

Camera Phones

Hey guys - welcome back to the "How to take the perfect photo" series. In part 2 we are talking about all the settings you can change within your phone camera to get the perfect snaps. 

The first of the two videos contains settings for Android phones and the 2nd video has the settings for Apple phones. In the next part of the series I will be talking through how to edit your phone photos within the phone. All these tips will help you get perfectly exposed super sharp photos. 

Android Camera Phones

Apple Camera Phones

Focusing in camera

Turning on grid lines

Changing between lenses

Changing ratio sizes

I hope these hints and tips have been super helpful and will up your camera phone game. I can't wait to see all your amazing phone photos! 

Happy Snapping!

Written by

Hannah Bisset


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