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Hannah Bisset, September 21 2020

How To Take The Perfect Photo - Part 1

Let's Talk Cameras

Hey everyone!

Welcome to part 1 of the "How to take the perfect photo" series. We are working with Kintore Playgroup to bring you this series which will contain hints and tips on taking the perfect photo to give you the best chance of winning.

In today's video I will be talking about all the different type of cameras you can use. Part 1 is just a small introduction into the competition and into some of the cameras you can use. Over the next few weeks I will be going into depth into all the different cameras and their settings to help you get the best out of your camera. 

If you are new to photography, don't worry, my tutorials will be for beginners right up to advanced users. And for all you budding photographers out there, I will also be doing some tutorials on basic photo editing.

So let's talk cameras - in the video above I have listed the cameras you can use to take your photographs for the competition.
Phone cameras (Android or Apple) - Great for beginners. Quick and easy to take photographs. 
Point and shoot cameras - Great for beginners, changes all settings for you to ensure a perfect exposure. You usually will get a higher quality image through a point and shoot over a camera phone. You will need a PC with an SD card reader to be able to get your photographs off the camera.
SLR Cameras - these cameras are for advanced users, you must be familiar with manual mode which is changing settings for ISO, shutter speed and aperture. 
Instant cameras - Instax cameras by Fujifilm are great fun and super easy to use. Once you have taken your photograph it prints out instantly. If you do want to use this for the photography competition, you will have to scan in your photograph. If you don't have a scanner, we can scan this in for you in our studio in Kintore.

 I'll see you all in the next video. Happy Snapping!

Written by

Hannah Bisset


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