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School Photography

First Photographics, fast becoming the number one choice for schools & nursery photography in and around Aberdeen & Shire. Offering a new fresh & innovative style of photography and products, our aim is to capture the true spirit & personality of the children we photograph. There will be no forced and cheesy smiles or any silly poses. We allow ourselves the time to very quickly build the rapport and trust with each and every child, the rest then comes naturally. This will yield a lovely selection of images of their child (not just the one picture and that's it). Our vibrant fresh fun approach to school photography is the same as we use in our professional studio.

Raise More Money

We will deliver fantastic, vibrant images of the children with a good choice of images and packages for everyone to choose from. This combined with a great percentage‍‍‍ of the profits generated from the photography being paid back to the nursery/school makes our 'school photography' a good fund raiser.

Family Graduation Days

Graduation days are very popular now with schools and nursery, each child gets their own mini graduation gown and hat to wear along with a personalised certificate to keep with lasting memories for the parents to cherish and look back on.

Great For Parents

Its important to make school photography affordable to all, we ensure that the photography is of the highest standards and that we really capture the essence of each child we photograph. There has been a lot of work put in so that the process of proofing and ordering is easy, fast, but most importantly we make sure that our school packages are affordable and that there are options for everybody. By working this way, we can present more images for the parents to choose from.‍‍‍