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Every Great Event Deserves Aberdeen Photo Booth

With our clear and simply pricing, no hidden charges we offer a selection of packages to choose from, you can even tailor your package to fit your own requirements.

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Aberdeen Photo Booth is part of First Photographics a local Kintore company capturing weddings and events throughout Aberdeen/shire‍‍‍ area since 1998.

We have four unique booth styles to choose from, Retro Booth, Selfie Booth, Mirror Booth & Halo Mirror Booth all that can be supplied in our beautifully cr‍‍‍afted 'Smile Lounge' or 'Cube' enclosures or our in trend 'Signature backgrounds'

Every hire comes with your very own 'Booth Butler' to cater for all your guests and to make your  wedding unique why not select from one of our fabulous add on services

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Unlimit‍‍‍ed Prints

Your guests will be happy that they each receive a copy of the photographs per visit to the photo booth and an extra copy for your Guest Book unlike other companies that only provide two copies.

‍‍‍‍‍‍Our team of in-house designers will work‍‍‍ with your selected template to design a frame worthy print to match your event's theme and style. Click on the templates icon to choose from our layout styles and options.


Personalised & Unlim‍‍‍ited Prints

Every Great Event Deserves Aberdeen Photo Booth

‍‍‍Aberdeen Photo Booth have the largest selection of Photo Booths in the North East of Scotland from our Retro or Selfie Pod through to our Magic and Halo Mirror using our signature backdrops and lounge enclosures.

‍‍‍We have the ‍‍‍best selection of props, custom designed prints, guest book and a host‍‍‍ of add-on services to customise your day. Our super friendly and enthusiastic Booth Butlers guarantee your guests have an entertaining night and that you have memories to last forever.

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